The world is changing in high speed and gets more digital by the day. Physical contact and interaction get replaced by digital products, services and interfaces. At the same speed, the amount of possibilities and tasks the user needs to perform with these services or interfaces is expanding. A challenge for the interaction designer and, unfortunately, an even bigger challenge for the user.

Same goes for cars, these days. Physical buttons are disappearing and are replaced by digital displays. In a multiplatform eco system, the car is becoming a new touchpoint for services in the future. But first, the current functionalities need to be made accessible and intuitive for the user. There is still a lot to do.

As digital designers, we noticed this. But to be able to pinpoint the problems, we first need to understand the context, the user, the hardware, the industry and the brands. That’s why we have started to investigate this digitalisation of transportation. First with and later with graduate students and weekly magazine AutoWeek.

You can read our findings and research on this platform.