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”UNITiD is a unit full of interaction and visual designers. We enjoy making things work well. At the very least understandable. And if possible straightforward.”


Redesign Effectory.nl

Redesign Effectory.nl

Effectory has specialized in conducting employee research and approached us with a special task. They asked us to create a website that would fit the image of a challenging international leading company, with people who are passionate about their work. After three months, we delivered a great looking new website.

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23 March 2017 | & Matthijs Havelaar

How we work


What do we design? Who do we design for? And what context do we design for? We like to answer these questions before we grab our pencils or start up our laptops. Early in the process it is easy to come up with solutions for overly ambitious or opposing wishes. Further down the road this will be more time-consuming.


Design is at the core of what we do. Usually we start out with pen and paper to capture our initial thoughts. The next step is to get to the specifics with the help of various digital design tools, often followed by a prototype to test our ideas and assumptions in real life.


We are designers, not developers. This doesn't mean that we confine ourselves to the limits of our expertise. We love to have developers on board, preferably from day one, in the same room, taking on the same challenge.

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General information

For general questions, mail to: postbus@unitid.nl or call +31 20 204 45 77.


Please contact
Rick le Roy (rick@unitid.nl+31 6 46 28 20 96) or
Matthijs Collard (matthijs@unitid.nl+31 6 28 12 66 97)

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