At UNITiD we spend quite some time improving the way we design our products. Good tools save us time. Here we share some of our software, scripts, templates and other stuff we could not find on the internet, so made ourselves. If you are an interaction or visual designer, you might like to try them. If you know more, or better tools, feel free to leave a comment!

Tools R Us

We are addicts. Addicted to design software and productivity tools. Here is a list of our favourite tools at UNITiD Interaction Designers. Some are design tools and others are “how-to-handle-office-stuff” tools. Let’s go!

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30 juli 2014 | | 4 reacties

Scenario based design

At UNITiD we use different design methods and tools. One of those methods, we’ve experimented with lately, is scenario based design. Scenario based design starts with telling stories. Since the basics of product usage is tied to narratives, telling stories is of great importance for designers.

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3 februari 2014 |

Zet een Guerilla Usability Lab op

In veel projecten voeren we usability testen uit. Hierbij geven we echte gebruikers een werkend prototype in handen, vragen hen bepaalde taken uit te voeren en observeren we wat er gebeurt. Dit soort testen zijn uit te voeren in een volledig geoutilleerd lab. Je kan echter betrekkelijk eenvoudig zelf een ‘lab’ opzetten.

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15 januari 2014 |

Responsive Typography = Responsive Design

During a weekend in June, Matthijs Kleverlaan and I traveled to Brighton UK for a conference and workshop on Web Typography. Excellent! At the English seaside, working with and listening to renowned speakers in the fields of typography and responsive design. That, and decent burgers… Read on to find out what I took away from all that.

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19 november 2013 |