At UNITiD we spend quite some time improving the way we design our products. Good tools save us time. Here we share some of our software, scripts, templates and other stuff we could not find on the internet, so made ourselves. If you are an interaction or visual designer, you might like to try them. If you know more, or better tools, feel free to leave a comment!

How to set up a Guerilla Usability Lab

In many projects we conduct usability tests. In these tests we give real users a working prototype, we ask them to perform certain tasks and we observe what happens. This kind of testing can be carried out in a fully equipped usability lab . However, you can relatively easily set up a lab yourself.

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6 maart 2014 |

How to create an icon font (from Adobe Illustrator to SVG in 7 steps)

Today we have a pdf to share with you, one that you can print out and hang on a wall (either in your office or your bedroom, you decide). It is a small flow to create SVG files using Adobe Illustrator for using a service like Icomoon to create an icon font to use for websites. Described in this post is the flow for working in Illustrator (any version that supports the ‘Artboards’ function should work fine).

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14 februari 2014 | | 2 reacties

Search easily for an interesting UX event

Every month there are a lot of conferences and events organized that can be relevant to us as designers. We attend a lot of those local meetups, conferences, events and workshops and sometimes even go abroad to visit one. Recently, our colleagues Matthijs Kleverlaan and Miguel Kooreman attended the Ampersand conference and workshops in Brighton. Every now and then we also organize or host an event ourselves. For example the first UX Games meetup on the 3th of April and the Amsterdam UX meeting on the 3rd of July were held at our Amsterdam office.Lees verder »

17 september 2013 |

Responsive prototype tool

Responsive web design was één van de buzzwords van 2011 en we hebben het gevoel dat we er in 2012 en daarna veel meer van gaan horen. Het besef wordt namelijk steeds groter dat content in willekeurige volgorde gedeeld wordt tussen mobiel, tablet en desktop en het dus belangrijk is dat de content op alle devices goed zichtbaar moet zijn. (Wij hebben onze aanpak en een aantal cases voor je op een rijtje gezet.)

Het voordeel van Responsive web design is dat de klant niet meer perse voor ieder apparaat een aparte app of website hoeft te laten maken en het dus kosten kan besparen. Voor bezoekers van websites is het fijn omdat de website op ieder apparaat dat ze in handen hebben goed te bekijken is.

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27 januari 2012 | | 2 reacties

Fireworks wireframe templates for iPad & iPhone

Als interactie ontwerpers zijn we behoorlijk druk met het uitzoeken hoe we allerlei functionaliteiten en structuren moeten werken in apps. Dit doen we onder andere door draadmodellen van apps op te zetten en deze te beoordelen, te testen en steeds opnieuw aan te passen. We zetten deze wireframes dus liefst zo snel mogelijk in elkaar, zodat we genoeg tijd hebben om na te denken over hoe de puzzelstukjes van het ontwerp perfect op hun plek vallen.

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22 november 2011 | | 10 reacties

TAP- Fireworks touch prototype tool for iPhone, iPad – UNITiD

Before you continue, please note that we stopped working on our TAP project. There will be no updates anymore. Three reasons: 1. Fireworks is dying. 2. There are now many good prototyping alternatives 3. It costs an awful lot of time to maintain a tool like TAP.  If you like to make iOS prototypes quickly, please take a look at InVision (some of our thoughts on this tool) or Flinto.

This tutorial shows you how to use our method to make your Fireworks prototype work for the Apple iPhone and iPad. We call the method TAP. It is an updated version of our earlier work, found on our website, or at the Adobe Developers Connection. We added quite a lot of features. The most important being able to use page transitions, swipes (by using the jQTouch jQuery plugin) and caching of the application.

Other very useful tutorials can be found on Smashing Magazine, part 1, 2 and 3. For transitions, check out If you need to prototype a Teleportation app, check out this manual.

It is recommended to read through this article to understand what TAP is and what it can do.
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20 maart 2011 | | 192 reacties

Android Pattern Library

This page is also available in dutch

We have been working on it for a while, and it will be ‘work in progress’ for a while longer, but it does deserve a blog post by now: our Interaction Pattern Library for Android on Designers and developers have already noticed the website. We are receiving over 40,000 visitors monthly from 137 countries and that number is steadily growing. Why did we start this project? And what can the world do with it? A short history…

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19 maart 2011 |

BlackBerry mockup template for Fireworks

BlackBerry has started a serious competition with iPhone and Google Android, after reports on decreasing customer satisfaction in 2010. Competitors offer easy to use touchscreen devices, good browsing and great 3rd party apps. With recently launched BlackBerry 6 OS, new devices like Torch and announced releases of Torch 2 and Dakota, BlackBerry seems to be taking big steps to catch up. We’ll be curious to see what the future holds for BlackBerry.

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14 februari 2011 | | 7 reacties