Status bar – Ongoing notifications

It works like this:

Status bar - Ongoing

  1. Ongoing events such as USB connection type can be brought to the attention of the user by an ongoing status bar notification. When an event starts, an icon is added to the status bar. This notification will remain in the status bar for the entire duration of the event.

  2. An ongoing notification can display textual updates about the event in the status bar.

  3. The status bar can be pulled down to reveal the window shade. Expanded messages for the notifications are shown. Ongoing notifications are displayed at the top of the window shade

  4. An expanded message can be tapped, upon which the corresponding app is opened. The ‘clear’ button does not affect ongoing notifications

  5. Even when the message is tapped, and the corresponding app is activated the icon remains in the status bar until the event is stopped.

Use when

When your app needs to keep a user informed about an event during that entire event, you can use ongoing status bar notifications. The ongoing status bar notifications can provide updates on an event directly in the status bar (e.g. installing an app, or playing a song). If you want to notify your user of a one-time event, consider using an event-driven status bar notification.
Status bar notifications can be used if your app is not active. If you require an immediate response when your app is active, consider using an alert dialog.

The Good

  • Cannot be dismissed by the 'clear' button; increased chance of the user reading the notification
  • Can provide updates on the status of an event to keep the user informed

The Bad

  • Might be perceived as superfluous if your app is not considered important enough.


    Stock Android - USB

    Stock Android - USB 01

    1 While connected to a computer via USB, the status bar shows two icons for ongoing notifications. When the user pulls down the status bar...

    Stock Android - USB 02

    2 ...the messages for the notifications are shown. Tapping the messages will direct the user to the corresponding 'settings' menu

    HTC Sense - Update an app

    HTC Sense - Update app 01

    1 When downloading an app from the market, an icon is shown in the status bar. When the status bar is pulled down...

    HTC Sense - Update app 02

    2 ...the window shade is shown with a progress bar for the download. Tapping on the message will guide the user to the market app.

    HTC Sense - Update app 03

    3 The notification can give updates on the status of the download directly in the status bar.

    HTC Sense - Update app 04

    4 When installed, the notification turns into an event-driven one, indicated by a different icon

    HTC Sense - Update app 05

    5 When opening the window shade, the message for the installed app is shown under the 'notifications' label

    HTC Sense - Player Pro

    HTC Sense - Player Pro 01

    1 Player Pro music player lets the user know it's playing a song by placing an ongoing notification in the status bar.

    HTC Sense - Player Pro 02

    2 In the window shade the user can see details for the song that is played.

    HTC Sense - Player Pro 03

    3 By tapping on the notification message...

    HTC Sense - Player Pro 04

    4 ...the corresponding app is opened. Only when the app is stopped, the notification is cleared from the status bar

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