Status bar – Event-driven notification

It works like this:


  1. One-time events such as an incoming email can be brought to the attention of the user by an event-driven status bar notification. When a notification is initiated, the icon and the title flash in the status bar once

  2. After this, the icon is displayed in the status bar.

  3. The status bar can be pulled down to reveal the window shade. Expanded messages for the notifications are shown. Event-driven notifications (for example an email) are displayed under the ‘notifications’ bar when ongoing notifications are also present.

  4. An expanded message can be tapped, upon which the corresponding app is opened, or…

  5. …the user can tap the ‘clear’ button to dismiss the notification.

  6. When the notification is dismissed, the window shade is closed and the icon is cleared form the status bar

Use when

When your app needs to notify a user about an event that requires a response, you can use event-driven notifications. The notifications should be accumulative, e.g. a number of emails should be shown in the notification, instead of adding a separate notification for every email. Status bar notifications can be used if your app is not active. If you require an immediate response when your app is active, consider using a alert dialog. If you need a notification that cannot be dismissed, consider using an ongoing notification.

The Good

  • User is not disturbed in their current activity
  • Provides a way of notifying the user when your app is not active
  • Provides a direct shortcut to the app

The Bad

  • Might not be noticed (immediately) by the user
  • Can be dismissed without reading


    HTC Sense

    HTC Sense 01
    1 On the left side of the status bar, icons are displayed for notifications.
    HTC Sense 02
    2 When the user pulls down the status bar, expanded messages for the notifications are shown. Event-driven notifications (in this case an email) are displayed under the 'notifications' bar.
    HTC Sense 03
    3 Tapping the 'clear' button will close the windowpane, and will remove the event-driven notification from the status bar

    HTC Sense 04

    4 The event-driven notification is removed from the status bar, the ongoing notifications are still there

    Samsung Galaxy S

    Samsung Galaxy S 01
    1 When the notification is initiated, the icon and the notification title will appear briefly in the status bar.
    Samsung Galaxy S 02
    2 Then, the icon is displayed along the other icons in the status bar.
    Samsung Galaxy S 03
    3 Pulling down the status bar will reveal the window pane, containing expanded messages for the notifications.

    Samsung Galaxy S 04

    4 Eventt-driven notifications are displayed beneath the 'notifications' bar, and can be dismissed by tapping the 'clear' button or the notification itself

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