Expanded options menu

It works like this:

  1. When a user presses the menu-button, the Options menu slides in from the bottom The Options menu contains commands that are global to the current activity, or can start an other activity.

  2. The Options menu consists of 1 to 6 buttons containing an icon and title. The icon is used to identify the option, the title as support. The options should be sorted by relevancy from left to right & top to bottom, providing the most relevant option first. The icons in the menu can be arranged on a 2 by 3 grid or a 3 by 2 grid.

  3. When you have more than 6 options to distribute from the Options menu, make the 6th button, i.e. in the down right corner, a more-button.

  4. Pressing the more-button opens the Expanded menu, which slides in from the bottom and replaces the Icon menu. The Expanded menu displays a list of menu items in text only.

The Expanded menu is closed directly by pressing the menu-button or touching the screen outside the menu. The user can return to the Icon menu by pressing the back-button.

Use when

Your Options menu has more than 6 options that can be assigned to the current activity.

The Good

  • Keeps less frequently used options from cluttering the screen.

The Bad

  • Requires an extra step to access options that are in the Expanded menu.
  • The user has to guess which options are in the Expanded menu.
  • Doesn\'t have icons (Alexey)



1 File managing app Astro has more than 6 options in its icon menu, so when the 'more' option is pressed....

2 ...a text list of additional options appears, replacing the icon menu.

Google maps

1 In Google maps, the 'more' button in the Options icon menu uses the standard 'more' icon. Pressing it...

2 ...opens the Expanded menu

One Response to Expanded options menu

  1. Liggliluff says:

    This is the old design; nice to see it sometimes. The new design uses the menu on the action bar, and the overflow button as the Menu-button for devices which has a physical Menu-button. Devices without the Menu-button has an overflow (or “more”)-button to the right of all actions.

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