Multiple select – checkbox

It works like this:

You can let users perform an action on multiple items by using checkboxes.

  1. Each item is provided with a checkbox.

  2. The user can tap the checkboxes to select the corresponding list items. Items can be deselected by tapping the checkbox again.

  3. As soon as a checkbox is selected, a buttonbar or toolbar appears, containing buttons for one or more actions that can be performed on the selected items, and a cancel-button.

  4. When the user taps the action button, the desired action will be performed on the selected items.

Use when

You want the user to select several items, on which the same action has to be executed. When the amount of items is large, you can add the option to select and unselect all items.

The Good

  • It's a fast way to perform a single action on a vast amount of items

The Bad

  • It's possible that the user doesn't notice that there is an option to perform a multiple selection



    1 Gmail provides checkboxes for selecting multiple items on the left side of the item. It must be said that they are not visible very clearly.

    2 When the checkboxes are tapped, the item they precede is selected.


    1 Android's image gallery has the option to perform a multiple selection on a group of items. The user can get to that action by longpressing on an item, or in this case, by pressing the menu hard key.

    2 By doing so a button bar at the top and bottom slides into the screen and each image-thumbnail is provided with a checkbox in the top right corner.

    3 The user can select items by tapping on the thumbnail. Notice that the user can also select all items, or unselect all by tapping on the buttons in the top button bar.

    5 Responses to Multiple select – checkbox

    1. sourav samaddar says:

      can u please send me the code for
      .java and xml please i will be greatful to you

    2. says:

      Hi Sourav, we don’t provide code, because we can’t produce it. Go to or for that. Good luck!

    3. Dori waldman says:

      I am trying to invoke from my application the Image gallery and to allow user to select multiple images
      those images will be used later in my application
      can you provide details/code how you manage to open the image gallery with the multiple selection option by code ?

    4. Asif khan says:

      i want to code for select multiple image from a particular folder with click on checkbox

    5. Mehul says:

      I have found the solution,
      just google the following string in google

      “android select multiple images from gallery technotalkative”

      I hope it would be helpful.

      Thanks and Regards,

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