7 UX design tools for an effective Scrum workflow

As of late we have been running more and more projects using the Agile Scrum method. In fact, our largest projects are almost all conducted in multidisciplinary Scrum teams. And very successfully! Formerly we primarily worked using the Waterfall project methodology, so we had to adjust our workflow. Gradually we have developed an effective wayLees verder »

7 November 2014 | | 1 reactie

7 design tools for an effectieve Scrum workflow

English version at Medium De laatste tijd pakken we steeds meer projecten aan volgens de Scrum-methode. Sterker nog: onze grootste projecten zijn bijna allemaal uitgevoerd in multidisciplinaire Scrum-teams. En met veel succes! Voorheen werkten we veelal volgens de Waterval-methode, dus moesten we onze workflow aanpassen. Met Scrum hebben we gaandeweg een effectieve werkwijze ontwikkeld.

4 November 2014 | | 2 reacties

Five practical lessons for responsive design

As it is becoming increasingly important for companies for their website to work properly on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, the demand for responsive design is also increasing. It’s no different at UNITiD. We are involved in a number of responsive design projects and today I’d like to share with you some of my personalLees verder »

25 November 2013 |

The right tool for the job: Prototyping

Are you up to date on today’s digital design tools? Back in the day there were a handful of apps and you knew them all. Now we even have surveys about this topic to get an understanding of what is going on. For a big design team like ours it is important to use theLees verder »

5 January 2016 |

Tools R Us

We are addicts. Addicted to design software and productivity tools. Here is a list of our favourite tools at UNITiD Interaction Designers. Some are design tools and others are “how-to-handle-office-stuff” tools. Let’s go!

30 July 2014 | | 6 reacties

Zoek de verschillen: Fireworks en Sketch 3

Het is al bijna een jaar geleden dat Adobe aankondigde dat Fireworks niet meer geupdate zou gaan worden. Fireworks is onze was onze voertaal, we werken er allemaal met tevredenheid mee. Maar het zit ook in onze DNA om constant onze workflow te optimaliseren. Tijd voor iets nieuws dus.

16 April 2014 | | 3 reacties

Spot the difference: Fireworks and Sketch 3

It’s been almost a year since Adobe announced it would no longer be updating Fireworks for future software releases. Fireworks has always been our ‘go to’ design app, one we have  used with great enjoyment. But it is also in our DNA to evolve and constantly try to improve our workflow and methodology. It’s time forLees verder »

16 April 2014 |

InVision – Best Practices

At UNITiD we love to work with beautiful tools that improve our workflow. We recently started working with this new tool called InVision to find out if it could replace some tools we work with at the moment. InVision is a prototyping, collaboration and workflow tool for digital designers. 

31 March 2014 | | 7 reacties