New TAP version that works with iOS5

We updated our iOS5 prototyping tool for Adobe Fireworks. Download the latest version, 0.46 or go to the TAP page on our site:

This is what we fixed:

  • Shows the “Add to homescreen” in iOS5 mobile Safari browser on iPad. The detection was broken because of the tabbed browsing feature on iPad
  • Fixed cube transition for iOS5 (we removed the translateZ property from the webkit animation)
  • Fixed QR code generator, now we use the awesome
  • For add-ons, the HTML5 <video> element seems to work better than object or embed elements, see for the code.
  • Fixed a bug on scrolling pages with areas containing swipes
  • You can now change the statusbar color (black or translucent) in indextemplate.shtml (default it is black-translucent)

What’s next

We keep improving the tool whenever we have time between projects. Fixed elements and prototyping for Android are on the top of the wish list. If you have ideas about new features, things that need to be solved or can be of any help, leave it in the comments!