TAP: A Cheat Sheet and a new version

The last few months, our highly productive intern Sebastian made a ton of prototypes using TAP. In a spare moment he put this cheat sheet together. We updated this sheet to the latest version of TAP. It contains almost all functionality that you find on the TAP page. Print it out and use it while prototyping. I do!

I also put a new version of TAP online. We changed the following:

  • Unlimited memory slots (a feature request from Nimbuzz), also thanks to Sebastian.
  • Timeouts that already started are cancelled on touch. (Request from Brian)
  • Now it is possible to get a retina prototype as a mobile web application (without the need opening it from the homescreen)
  • Some changes to the build interface and a bit of code clean up.

Currently we are working on:

  • Areas in your prototype that have a fixed position
  • Android version (working on it for a while, bloody hard keys)

If you have any more feature requests or ideas, let us know in the comments.