BlackBerry mockup template for Fireworks

BlackBerry has started a serious competition with iPhone and Google Android, after reports on decreasing customer satisfaction in 2010. Competitors offer easy to use touchscreen devices, good browsing and great 3rd party apps. With recently launched BlackBerry 6 OS, new devices like Torch and announced releases of Torch 2 and Dakota, BlackBerry seems to be taking big steps to catch up. We’ll be curious to see what the future holds for BlackBerry.

For all interaction designers who will be designing apps for the BlackBerry platform, we’d like to share our Fireworks template. The template is made for BlackBerry devices with resolution 640×480 but as all UI elements are vector images they can easily be resized.

Download the Fireworks BlackBerry mockup template
Additionally, you can use the – fairly limited –
BlackBerry UI Guidelines for extra information.

Blackberry Mockup Template